Gigaband at the CES 2016 Conference

Mike met with Gigaband at the CES 2016 Conference. Should be out in 5 months. Will probably cost $ 300 per unit.

From Gigaband:

Gigaband will bring game-changing broadband connectivity to exurban and rural communities at speeds of 200-300 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. That’s 10 times faster for downloads and 50 times faster for uploads than typical cable feeds in tech-savvy cities.

Instead of waiting for fiber to be wired to every household, communities with Gigaband can link 30 to 500 households together in a 10-square mile service area. This keeps signals strong and average Internet speeds of 150 Mbps – on par with the best home internet speeds actually used in homes anywhere in the U.S. and well above the dial-up, DSL and satellite connections that exurban and rural communities presently endure.

Gigaband’s networks are profoundly different, because each new household in a community adds to the strength of the network. This is the complete opposite of current WiFi and cable systems, in which adding new customers slows down entire neighborhoods.

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