Introducing Clear Track – Act 153 Software for Managing Background Checks and Clearances

If you’re like most school districts and organizations in Pennsylvania, you’re probably struggling to manage all of the Act 153 background checks and clearances required for both staff and volunteers.

Clear Track is a web app we recently built at Craven Tech that automates the Act 153 clearance management process for PA school districts like yours.


Clear Track helps school districts and organizations to:

  • Instantly determine which clearances are 60 days, 45 day, 30 days, 15 days out from expiring
  • Customize user groups and subgroups such as Staff > Athletic Coach, Volunteer > Field Trip Chaperone, Contractors etc.
  • Add unlimited clearances that can be tracked such as Act 31/Act 126, Act 151, Act 114, Coaches
  • Add unlimited certifications that can be track such as Coaches Concussion Management Certification, Coaches Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training Course etc.
  • Migrate your data from your existing Excel file or system into Clear Track, Craven Tech developers handle the data migration for you
  • Allow users to log in and check their own clearance status and expiration dates
  • Automatically send notifications out to users as their clearance expiration date approaches

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geoff-craven-portrait-500wOn Jan 1st, Geoff retired from CSIU 16 after 35 years as the tech manager and web developer there in order to start up Craven Tech, a K-12 software company located in Lewisburg, PA.

One of the challenges Geoff faced in his final months at the CSIU was dealing with child abuse clearances, managing and being able to track them. As he began sharing his story with other people he began to find out that his situation was not unique, and managing clearances has become cumbersome and a manual process for many school districts. Geoff also discovered that it was not only limited to clearances – but also included concussion and sudden cardiac training for athletic coaches, and mandatory training as well. And these requirements are not only for staff but extend to parents, volunteers and contractors as well.

With that in mind, Geoff helped to develop Clear Track. This system will allow a district to manage all of their training and clearance requirements in a single database, including copies of the actual clearances, notes, and be able to generate automatic email notification to participants when a clearance is due to expire. Upon logging into Clear Track the administrator is presented with a dashboard that graphically shows the number of participants and their clearance/training status.